Mid-Year Resolutions (Newsletter No. 2)

Spring feels like a better time for rebirth and resolve than the middle of winter anyways. Fun Fact: Chinese New Year is also called the Spring Festival.

Inspired by Rachel Nguyen of @thatschic.  This list took me about a month to put together (29 intentional goals is a lot!)

Some specific goals inspired by Jenn Rogers @mrs.jennrogers and Brené Brown


29 x 29, A guideline, not a law

  • 1. Stop touching my face

  • 2. Stop touching my scalp

  • 3. Stretch 5 mins everyday

  • 4. Let go of resentment, shame, and envy

  • 5. Take more walks, watch less shows

  • 6. Eliminate fear of boredom, stand still, absorb present

  • 7. Stop making impulse decisions out of desperation or people pleasing…if I feel the urge, sleep on it

  • 8. Plant bell peppers  (did this, it’s not going well…I think I need it to reach 27 degrees celsius)

  • 9. Plant carrots

  • 10. Respond to emails and texts faster

  • 11. Think+tell positive, then negative

  • 12. Volunteer at least once in Amsterdam

  • 13. Create 100 jewelry listings in my Etsy shop and kristylin.com

  • 14. Stop eating when not hungry

  • 15. Be okay with people being annoyed at me

  • 16. Don’t buy new lotion if there’s still old lotion—finish things one at a time and before buying more ie lotion or food in refrigerator and pantry

  • 17. Don’t pigeonhole myself with limiting beliefs

  • 18. Be tolerant of mistakes made by loved ones, just like how it’s so easy to forgive polite company and acquaintances 

  • 19. Let go of FOMO/accept the reality of only being able to be in one place at one time

  • 20. If I feel like saying something mean out of anger, take a time out, usually it seems stupid as soon as I take a moment to stop and think

  • 21. Make and upload at least one more toast video

  • 22. Be honest about what I want, don’t say things I assume people would like to hear, be true to sense of self

  • 23. Buy new jewelry tools

  • 24. Know I’m worthy to be forgiven

  • 25. Be useful (ie. avoid actions that are harmful to self and others, whether it be eating too much junk food, or…not helping people in need because I’m too stuck in my own head)

  • 26. Avoid thoughtless impulse to check phone, especially right when I hear a vibrate or ringing (phone calls excluded)

  • 27. When it feels like everything is falling apart, face the truth, then put things into perspective by walking or talking to someone 

  • 28. Stop taking things too seriously when they’re not serious

  • 29. Stop clenching teeth and always make sure my tongue is touching roof of my mouth at rest 

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