The Best American Ice Cream vs. Gelato (Newsletter No. 1)

Smooth & Delicious Strawberry and Salted Chocolate

Smooth & Delicious Strawberry and Salted Chocolate

Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream

Shape: perfectly round, the Platonic ideal of the cartoon ice cream eaten in a diner or parlor, served with a scoop

Flavor: Layered like a perfume. For instance, the lychee strawberry (one of their more tame flavors) is made unique by not only the quality of the flavor but also how the strawberry hits your tongue first and THEN evolves into the lasting lychee scent, you instantly transport to the heat and sun and sweat of a lazy tropical summer fringed with palm and teak, the kind where you toggle between serene relief and boredom. The aim is to encapsulate a memory. Salted Chocolate tastes like a finer Ovaltine, Smooth & Delicious Strawberry tastes like the perfect milkshake, the perfect layering of fruity and creamy, that malty artificial taste we remember without being so

Texture: homogenous, dense and creamy

Mood: Familiarity, even-keeled comfort, home, childhood, nostalgia

Wearing the Bunny Doodle Ring in 14K gold

Wearing the Bunny Doodle Ring in 14K gold

The Best Gelato (various shops) this one is from Eataly, mascarpone fig ):

Texture+/Shape: Whipped, frosty, fluffy, just barely solid and clinging together, like the ice cream version of cotton candy, like spun wool roving, served with a spatula

Flavor: Like a marriage, a simultaneous blend so that both flavors hit you at once creating a new feeling. Like those vignettes in Ratatouille where Remy takes a bite of cheese and strawberry at the same time. The aim is to make the ice cream taste as much as the elements it came from. The figgiest fig, the coffeeist coffee

Mood: Sophistication, emotional and dramatic artistic flourish

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