Ear Earrings through the Lens of Confucius (Newsletter No. 3)


吾十有五  (When I reach 15)

而志於學  (This is when I set up my aim to learn as much as I can)

三十而立  (When I reach 30, I can stand on my own independent thinking)

四十而不惑  (At 40, I will not be tempted or sidetracked by what is not meant for me)

五十而知天命 (At 50, I know my natural path)

六十而耳順  (At 60, I am no longer irritable, everything I hear is palatable to my ears.  I am fully empathetic and able to funnel and filter the true golden essence of others’ voices )

七十而從心所欲 不踰矩  (At 70, I effortlessly do whatever my heart desires without offending others. I have found the natural way. This is the ultimate freedom)


Confucius was a Chinese philosopher (551–479 BC). His teachings have influenced the foundation of many East Asian civilizations and the world at large. He wrote the well-known principle we have all learned since we could— "Do not do unto others what you do not want done to yourself", the Golden Rule.

sources used: http://corkchinesenewyear.com/confucius/