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Simultaneously parodying our established conceptions of value while paying homage to these feats of iconery

UNLOVE BRACELET, 14K Yellow Gold, 6.5 mm wide and 2 mm thick, 2015

Piece No 3. of the Parody-Homage Collection.

in the loneliest moments
i have been there
for myself.”
― Sanober Khan

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.”
― C.G. Jung

This is a parody-homage of the Cartier LOVE Bracelet. The UNLOVE bracelet is for the light and dark-humored, perfect for celebrating break ups and divorces, or simply independence even whilst in a happy relationship.

Unlike other parodies of luxury, I still wanted the piece to be of design value independent of the parodied-homaged. Considered on its, own, I love that the holes are the focal points of the piece--absence is the centerpiece. It also reminds me of the perforated metal strips in children's construction kits, the punched holes on the side of continuous-feed printer that you peel away along dotted lines. Beauty in the mundane.

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