Ear Ring

Ear Ring


Sterling Silver Audiology Ring.

"We have two ears and one tongue so that we would listen more and talk less." --Diogenes

"Thought I'd see your face in my mind for all time 
But I don't even remember what your ears looked like"--Regina Spektor, ReJazz

Designed in Winter 2010

I came up with this design in 2010, sitting in history class staring at the professor's ears. Ear...Ring... I hope you appreciate my dad joke-turned-sweet jewelry piece ;). I also came up with matching earrings, Ear Earrings.

In Chinese culture the etymology for the word 'intelligent' is literally, "focused listening." 
Wear this ring as a talisman to inspire yourself to pause more and observe the wisdom of others, for that is the wisest action of all.  

Two highly detailed ears perched on a rounded band. Meant to delicately hug the sides of the chosen digit. Regina Spektor has been spotted wearing this ring on her pinky during various performances.

Surreal and punny, each ear was meticulously carved and modeled in wax before being cast in solid sterling silver. The ring feels substantial but highly wearable. Even though they're tiny ears you can see every contour and curve. A sculpture to wear with you everywhere you go. 

Dimensions: Ears are 7mmx4mm each, band is 4mm wide.

Material: Solid Sterling Silver

To Care: Store in a covered container (like a jewelry box). If they tarnish, clean with a polishing cloth. 

All designs copyright KRISTY LIN

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