MY GUA SHA 刮痧 : TRADITIONAL Chinese Medicine QI 氣 , Netherlands Canals (Newsletter No. 6)

Baby Gua Sha at Kinderdijk

Baby Gua Sha at Kinderdijk

The ideal Mind Body Spirit Flow: smooth, continuous, steady, natural 

However, sometimes things get stuck, stagnant, clogged. Your mental clarity, blood, lymphatic system, endocrine system, digestive system.

We need outside help. 

Just like Netherlands’ canals, the Gua Sha helps the channels of your body flow continuously and smoothly so nutrients can readily enter and toxins can easily leave. 

- Thousands Years of Experience - Harmonizing with Nature - Ecolize your Health

Your body is an electrical ecosystem that, like any other ecosystem, works best when energy (in this case, bio-electricity or in Traditional Chinese Medicine terms, Qi 氣, which literally means breath) flows better to help with repair and regeneration.

The Mechanics of Kristy Lin’s Gua Sha 

My Gua Sha is made of pure silver instead of traditional materials such as jade, horn, or wood. Pure silver is the most conductive material in the world, even more than gold (that’s why in ancient China silver was considered more precious than gold). Thus, it drives the electric energy flow best. It is also naturally antibiotic. 

The weight: It is heavier than traditional Gua Shas, which helps you reach deeper below the skin with minimal effort. The shape: A beautiful simple shape that serves multiple purposes. Each curve perfectly fits a part of your body. The Gua Sha was designed with a specific thickness for maximum impact and comfort. A concave ergonomic finger divot makes even just holding the Gua Sha a pleasant experience.


How to Use:
Scrape at a 45 degree angle across any areas that cause you pain or discomfort. Your forehead, sinuses, jaw, shoulders, chest, abdomen, arms, legs, hands, feet. You can press in a circular motion or glide in longitudinal and latitudinal strokes. Use for a maximum of 15-20 minutes per session. Use with your favorite skin-friendly oil (such as rosehip seed or chia seed oil) or balm (such as lemongrass or eucalyptus for the body). 

The Results:
A nourishing and enjoyable experience for better flow, clearer skin, better mood, clearer mind;
reduce bloating, constipation and water retention; alleviate congestion, migraines, muscle and bone aches. 

To Care:
Wash with soap and water ideally after every use. Dry completely and keep in cloth bag when not in use.
You can always wipe with rubbing alcohol once a week or so. 

Kristy Lin