Star Stud Earrings

Star Stud Earrings


The coolest star studs that I would have been obsessed with as an 11 year old with freshly pierced ears (except I wasn't cool enough to have double piercings).

If you’re a millennial, do you remember when everyone thought silver was cool and gold was too gaudy and reminded them of their grandmas, and then silver was considered amateur and tacky for FOREVER, and everyone wanted delicate thin gold things only, then only sculptural silver was allowed...well finally, I think we’ve arrived at the point where anything goes, and trends are not trendy. Bell bottoms or skinny jeans, whatever strikes your fancy, dude. 

Anyways, while I love gold, there’s something so sweet about a silver star. It reminds me of that middle school feeling, very much starting to form independent opinions trying to separate oneself from what it means to be childish or lame adult. It reminds me of the tweens I interact with now, watching them grow more self-conscious and quiet as they leave their baby years, yet still very much innocent kids in awe of the world. Confused, but also just want to play. This is what these stars represent to me.

Also, for kicks, you can also engrave each star with an initial of your choice. Pretty fun, right?

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