Smell & Feel Glass Vial Bottle Aromatherapy Necklace

Smell & Feel Glass Vial Bottle Aromatherapy Necklace


These pleasingly plump bottles and the oils inside them are inspired by ancient cultures such as the Chinese and Greek. The bottles are inspired by their art, aesthetics which we see as platonic ideals even today. The scents and oils are inspired by their remedies where they used the plant world around them to ward off evil and usher in good health. What sounds predominately spiritual has therapeutic benefits as well.

This listing is for necklaces filled with high therapeutic grade eucalyptus, rose, or lavender.

- Eucalyptus is a universally pleasing smell perfect for headaches, nausea, stuffiness, warding off mosquitos and a general calming atmosphere. 

-Rose is for love and relaxation

-Lavender is known for its sedative properties and for its ability to help calm stress and anxiety and to help promote sleep.

I found this necklace a godsend every time I'm on a stuffy bus or airplane, just putting the necklace up to my nose creates my own little mental and aural oasis. 

Stay tuned for more custom concoctions of scents and oils inspired by ancient recipes. 

It's so simple. A bottle on a chain.

Dimensions & Materials: Strung on a 24 inch chain of sterling silver or gold fill. Indicate your preference in your order.

How to care:

Obviously, glass jewelry can break. Know yourself. The greatest opportunity for accidents is while taking the necklace on and off. Don't drop it from high altitudes, don't drop it frequently. Probably don't wear it while playing tackle sports. Otherwise, it should last you a very, very long time. My mom and aunt haven't taken theirs off since they put them on years ago, through yoga and showering. 

As for the scent, it should last years after the last drops seem to have evaporated. However, you are more than welcome to order refills of the oil.

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