Ear Earrings with Gold Hoops

Ear Earrings with Gold Hoops


My first spinoff of my classic ear earrings. Now, not only can you wear ears in your ears, your ear earrings are wearing their own tiny hoop earrings. Mind. Blown.

Hoops are all the trend, have you heard? They're also a classic, you must have noticed. From Costa Rica to India, a tiny baby huggie gold hoop is the rite of passage for every cutie. Of course I had to make a meta version. I mean--have you seen the rest of my designs?

Wouldn't it be hilarious to wear them them in a second piercing next to your gold hoops?

My other favorite thing about these is that I always love mixing metals, tiny contoured seashell ears with a flash of a line of gold makes them extra precious.

Dimensions. Ears are 7 mm in length

Materials: Sterling Silver, 14K yellow gold.

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