White Truffle Ring

White Truffle Ring


"Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious." -Ruth Reichl

Designed in the summer of 2010.

So ugly, good thing it's delicious. 

White truffle: the most decadent fungus that you could sprinkle and infuse your food with. I made a silver version to grate over your pasta (don't). Something charming about a sparkling lump. 

The glittery fungus contrasts with a smooth thick matte band. Sculptural and substantial, this ring is nice to look at even when you're not wearing it.  

Dimensions: Truffle is 10mm high, 10mm in diameter, band is 5mm wide and 2mm thick.

CARE: clean with polishing cloth as needed, keep stored in air tight containers if possible (though your jewelry box is just fine).

High polished solid sterling silver, made to order in sizes 4-8.

All pieces are wrapped and shipped in secondhand materials. Thank you for supporting my efforts to be eco-friendly! 

All designs copyright by KRISTY LIN

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