Amorphous (2014-)

Shapes that aren’t shapes. Semi-solid, neither here nor there. Amoeba, Mirage (coming soon), Cloud (coming soon). Amorphous is not only a shape but a mood, let these pieces remind you to be easily adaptable and go with the flow.


AMOEBA CHARM RING (Piece No. 1 of the Amorphous collection.)

“You may think I’m small, but I have a universe inside my mind.”

― Yoko Ono

It's good to periodically shift the scale on our perspective of things. Like the amoeba, we are just one tiny part of the larger ecosystem. But also like the amoeba, we contain a whole glittering world within ourselves.

A three dimensional 14K white gold amoeba paved with 100 tiny white diamonds, including a round diamond nucleus and oval diamond and vacuole.

Looped on a yellow brass round band with a brushed finish. I love the contrast between a brushed matte warm brass band and the sparkling white amoeba. It's the most fancily dressed eukaryote you'll have had the pleasure of meeting.

Designed in 2014